The Rembrandt project
"Painting in Bronze" Is a series of bronzes, true to the spirit of Rembrandts original etchings.
The serie was recieved with great appreciation and was exhibited in varies galeries and museum in the netherlands and around the world.

About the rembrandt project - Written by Bhaskar Hande, curator pune exhibition.

Through careful observation of his evocative work, Anat entered into a powerfulDialogue over a 2-year period. What emerged is a distinctive, melodious balance of dimension and proportion. This artistic expression is authentic to both the Master and this contemporary artist.Anat appears to express herself in a very strong and exclusive way. Her sense of dimension and proportion is accurate as well as theway of rendering is melodiously. Observing the work of Rembrandt, she has challenged herself intoa process of a dialogue With the originals, Maintaining own authenticity and artistic identity.

Give & take exhibition Pune, India.

Material: Bronze

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